Club Room

The perfect venue for a party in Bradford on Avon: The Timbrell’s Yard Club Room. It’s hosted great gatherings, from corporate functions to weddings. It’s not a stand-alone, dedicated room, but a flexible space next to the restaurant, so it looks out over the river and has the same vibe of reclaimed wood flooring and brick-tiled walls that set the tone at Timbrell’s Yard. There are long stretches of upholstered sofa seating allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful views. It’s cool and relaxed. How does it work? The room can be closed off from the rest of the hotel and we can remove the furniture or reconfigure it to suit your needs and create an exclusive party space. It has its own entrance, so guests can access their event directly without going through the bar and restaurant (maybe of interest, if you’re in a big white dress.) It’s also located next to our River Walk bedrooms, which means you can convert a whole section of Timbrell’s into a private venue for your special occasion. It can seat up to 60 comfortably or up to 80 for a drinks party and we’re licensed until 12am for drinks and music. Come in and have a look. We’ll show you how it works.

Take a Google Tour of the Club Room